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Age: 56
Occupation: Owner, Diversity & Inclusion Firm

Reason for reaching out to Yarnway Wealth

Beverly is the owner of a work culture consulting firm that has been listed as one of the best companies to work for in Northern California. Her company employs over 100 people and has a great reputation across the country. 

Her reason for reaching out to Yarnway Wealth was because she has just accepted an offer to sell her company to a major corporation. In the terms of the sale, she’ll have to continue to lead the company for three years before she can leave the company. Her primary concern is the tax implications from her windfall, how to reduce her tax liability and to plan for retirement after her three year term as Chief Executive Officer.

What we found in our Data & Goals meeting

Beverly never expected an opportunity like this to arise for her, so planning was quite challenging. In our meeting, we discovered: 

• Beverly had been consistent with her retirement investment contributions from a young age and had a healthy nest egg
• She would be receiving over 7 figures in the sale of her company - half upfront, a quarter after 1.5 years and the rest at the end of the full three year term
• Her dream was to own a beachfront property in Florida, a state with no income taxes
• She would like to create trust accounts for her two grandchildren
• She would like to retire three years after the sale closes

How we express their genius 

Beverly needed a transparency roadmap to get from the sale of her business to retirement in three years. Her plan included: 

• Retirement decumulation strategy including the spend down of qualified and non-qualified retirement accounts
• Social security income projection at full retirement age
• Two UGMA accounts for grandchildren
• Tax analysis and projection for windfall
• Plan to acquire a Florida beach home
• Update to her existing estate plan
• Conscious spending plan

Beverly left our meeting excited to finish her next three years at her firm, and couldn’t wait to close the sale of her business!

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Ages: 46 and 38
Occupation: Entrepreneurs

Reason for reaching out to Yarnway Wealth

Jim & Sherry are entrepreneurs and enjoy the life that they’ve been able to build together. They have three children: Sarah, Jake and Camden and have been thinking about reaching out to financial planning to ensure that they are making financially sound decisions for their family and their businesses. 

Jim is the co-owner of a landscaping business located in the Greater Sacramento area that he has been running for over 20 years. Sherry owns a boutique clothing store that recently established a digital presence and has tripled in revenue since 2020. 

Jim is considering selling his business as he hasn’t saved much for retirement and the grunt work involved in landscaping is becoming too much for his body. Sherry wants to ensure that they’ll be able to grow the savings that they have and hopefully leave an inheritance to their children.

What we found in our Data & Goals meeting

Jim and Sherry are on the same page about finances in general. In the data and goals meeting, we found that: 

There was surplus cash to be invested for retirement
They could decrease their tax liability substantially with comprehensive tax planning
Jim could sell his business, but he did have some retirement funds to build upon
They could benefit from a detailed estate plan to protect their assets and give instructions on their estate 
They valued having an advisor to talk through nuances with

How we express their genius 

We were able to communicate Jim and Sherry’s genius ideas through a comprehensive financial plan. Their plan included: 

Solo 401(K) and retirement accounts
Tax efficient investment strategy
An estate plan through our estate planning partners
An insurance analysis to make sure that Sarah, Jake and Camden were protected in the event of the unthinkable
A buy-sell agreement for Jim’s share of the business
Cash-Flow planning that helps them to optimize their money for financial priorities

After the meeting, Jim and Sherry walked away with the peace of mind needed to run their  businesses and tend to their family without the looming thought of not being financially prepared for their goals.

man on computer
Age: 32
Occupation: Digital Marketer

Reason for reaching out to Yarnway Wealth

This is Brian’s second stint with entrepreneurship. After working in his early career at a big four consulting firm, he discovered that the valued independence and time affluence. He started his first business with his partner to give him those two things while providing sound guidance for his clients. 

After poor planning in his first business venture, he wanted to start this one on the right foot. His business has made great revenue over its first year, and he is interested in saving for retirement, buying his firm home, saving money on taxes and making more investments to scale his consulting practice. Brian is single, has no kids and would value a financial partner to help him to make financial decisions.

What we found in our Data & Goals meeting

In this meeting, we found that this would be Brian’s first time working with a financial advisor. His current circumstance included: 

He had minimal retirement assets because he focused on scaling his business earlier in his career
He’d been overpaying in taxes because of poor planning
He could save more money on a month-to-month basis
His time horizon to buy a home was 10 years from the time of the meeting
He projected his revenue to grow 2x in the next 24 months giving him the ability to scale his personnel

How we express their genius 

We were able to express Brian’s genius ideas through a comprehensive financial plan. His plan included: 

Opening a SEP IRA for his retirement In-depth cash flow analysis
A tax efficient investment strategy
A conscious spending plan to ensure that we wasn’t over-spending
Tax considerations for the next year 

After the meeting, Brian walked away with a clear understanding of how to build a foundation, allowed us to invest his assets on his behalf and had an estimate for his tax liability for the upcoming tax year. 


The Yarnway Edge

Our comprehensive, holistic and ongoing financial planning process that helps us keep you on track towards your financial goals. Its decisive, yet flexible approach allows us to pivot when life shifts, and helps us to prioritize accountability throughout our partnership.

Engage & Evaluate

This is a short introductory call for us to get to know each other. On this call, you’ll be able to outline your financial concerns, desires and wishes for the future. 

Goals & Data

In this meeting, we’ll work together to determine your goals and collect the data necessary to understand where you are and how we can help you reach your goals. 

Genius Session

After taking the information and ideas from your plan and collected data, we’ll use this time together to review your current financial position and our tailored recommendations for you. 


We’ll accompany you in opening the recommended accounts, facilitating any transfers and other listed deliverables in the plan.

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