EP 1: Entrepreneurs are Superheroes

January 19, 2023

The thing about superheroes is they think they don’t need help and people also think in that way. No man is an island, everyone needs a helping hand, and a back to lean on.

In this episode, I will discuss the four reasons why entrepreneurs are superheroes. They are superheroes who decide to strike out into business and have skills that can impact the world around them. Similar to superheroes, entrepreneurs have weaknesses and need help to grow their business. Today, I will also talk about what SacPreneur Podcast is. What it offers, and how it will benefit you in getting closer to your financial goals, and scale up your business without compromising your personal financial health and well being.  

Reach out and lean on my back. This podcast is meant to give you resources, inspiration and tips on how you can be the best entrepreneur. Keep building!

Episode Highlight

  • What is SacPrenuer ( Sacramento + Entrepreneur) Podcast
  • How SacPreneur Podcast will benefit you
  • How Dasarte started his first financial business
  • Four reasons why entrepreneurs are superheroes

The SacPreneur Podcast is your reliable guide on your entrepreneurial journey. Sacprenuer ( Sacramento + Entrepreneur) helps business owners through trials, tribulations and emotional strains. This podcast will give you resources, inspirations, and tips on being your best self from a business owner's standpoint.

Dasarte Yarnway is Host of SacPreneur Podcast and the  CEO of Yarnway Wealth Management - A financial planning firm helping to alleviate the stress of small business ownership through sound planning and investment management.

The SacPreneur Podcast has created a guide just for you!  Five Hacks to Boost Your Business in 12 months. Visit our website at www.yarnwaywealth.com to download it today.

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