EP 3: Productivity, Entrepreneurship, and Leading a Joyful Life with Khe Hy, CEO of RadReads

February 14, 2023

Every entrepreneur wants to lead successful, productive, and fulfilling lives. But having too many things to juggle makes it difficult to achieve this.

In this episode, we are joined by Khe Hy, CEO and Founder of RadReads. We discuss Khe’s experience and insights on productivity, entrepreneurship, and leading a joyful life. He introduces the 10K Framework, a system that helps entrepreneurs identify tasks that offer the greatest leverage and potential that leads to success.

We also talk about the importance of energy management and tactics to replenish energy, such as cutting out sugar, meditation, and exercise. The importance of adapting to different situations in life, giving oneself grace, and focusing on growth. We reflect on the importance of not defining oneself solely by your achievements, of choosing the right business venture, and of giving one's best energy to those who matter most.

Join the conversation to learn how to lead a more productive, examined, and joyful life!

Episode Highlight

  • Khe Hy’s background
  • The $10k Framework
  • The importance of having a mentor in optimizing productivity and energy in your entrepreneurship journey
  • The deconstruction process
  • Making hard decisions
  • Energy management
  • What to do when things don't go according to plan
  • The three legs of the RadReads program: productivity, examination, and joy
  • Examining one's life
  • Identity and achievement
  • Giving one's best energy to the people they care about most

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About Our Guest

Khe Hy graduated from Yale and shot up the Wall Street ranks to be a managing director at BlackRock's hedge fund of funds division, gave it all up to figure out how to live "a more fulfilled life." He has been called Oprah for Millennials by CNN and the Wall Street Guru by Bloomberg. He also teaches the Supercharge your Productivity, the premier class on designing a system for doing $10,000/hr work.

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